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Come to the east coast!!!

Morrissey is NOT signed to Sanctuary; August US tour dates
posted by davidt on Thursday May 16 2002, @09:00AM

A very trustworthy source close to Morrissey has expressed the following to Morrissey-solo:

"Morrissey has definitely NOT signed to Sanctuary, but has been approached by Rough Trade Records who are owned by Sanctuary. Morrissey still has no recording deal and remains open to any offers.

Dates which are 98% confirmed are: Salt Lake City "Fairpark" (Aug 1, Thurs), Colorado Springs "Music Hall" (Aug 3, Sat), Albuquerque "Sunshine Theater" (Aug 4, Sun), El Paso - venue unannounced (Aug 6, Tue), Tucson "Rialto" (Aug 7, Wed), Phoenix "Celebrity Hall" (Aug 9, Fri), Yuma "Convention Hall" (Aug 10, Sat)."
Update: 05/17 02:14 GMT: More tour dates may be coming.
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