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Remember DC's Revolution Summer?

Looking at the New York Times, I noticed a headline reading something like, "US pushes Israel To Accept," whatever it was we are trying to push the Israelies to accept is beyond me, but I can imagine it's just another stunt towards the US and its world domination. You know, sometimes I even wonder why I continue to refer to the US as 'we' or 'us' or whatever, I sometimes think of myself as living here, but not apart. The worse part is, I am apart of this whole ordeal, we all are. We silence our voices and those who do speak up and loud enough so others can hear them clearly, they get shot, murdered, mysteriously disappear, "commit suicide," go to jail or some other way of being wiped out. How does one stand up against our world domination and live?
I've spoken about it before, but music, another way of getting our voices heard to a bigger crowd is also being silenced, censorship. We can't just sit back and watch everything go down, but I ask you, what exactly can we do? As a United States citizen, I sometimes wonder if I'm being naive about world politics and such.
Think about it though for second, there are tribes across the world that have been living without or away from any modern technology and whatnot for centuries, and yet, our western ideas have found their way into their tribes. We've plagued this world with our thought, our religion, our technology. And you know why? It's another market, another place for us to get money and become richer. These people have no other choice, but to adopt the things we force onto them.
Someone is going to read this entry that I'm writing right now and say to themselves, "That's absurd. American would never." Well you know something, you're just blinded by the media. Maybe you're not blinded, you just choose not to acknowledge the existance of our world domination tactics.
Let me talk about something here. The United States used to be the head of the world's drug policies and recently, the other nations that are apart of this board have voted the US off of this board because of our strict policies. We, the US, have also had our human rights policies and such in question, some saying our policies are too barbaric in nature.
Our government was formed to support the people, it was the people of the United States of America that was supposed to be running the country. And now, it seems that we don't count anymore, we're just pee-ons that don't matter whether we exist or not. Face it, we're expandable. Without money, we have no power and in some cases, we have no life. Our voices have been silenced, our lives have been cut short, our minds are being blanked out of any knowledge that might pose a threat to their plan. We're letting this happen, and right under our noses.
I will ask again, what can we do? I don't know, I wish I had the answer, but we can continue with our music and bring politics back to the idea that punk was based on. Punk ethics have been lossed and or tossed out the door and it seems no one really cares anymore. Bring the DIY back to the underground and start your zines all over again. Start a band, write songs, poetry, make shirts. Lets all stand as one and bring the meaning back to punk. Punk was once one of the greatest threats to the US, and it can once be again. Remember DC's Revolution Summer? Well, look what they did and what they got going, we can light that flame and we can start the fire all over. I'm asking for everyone that matters to come hand in hand and do what you can do, educate yourselves, I'm doing the same. It's like what Propagandhi said, "You can beat the shit up out of me, but you can't touch what's inside." Remember, your mind is one of the only things you have total control over, lets not let that get taken from us. Let our voices be heard, lets stop looking the other way, lets start being a voice again! ˇ
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