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i know this is ridiculous...

...but i wanted to post something. as this is a community for smiths lovers & salad lovers, i thought i'd mention some of my favorite things to put in a salad: chick peas, yellow squash, baked/marinated tofu, organic spinach. and balsamic vinegar is my favorite dressing. does anyone else have any particular favorite salad toppings? (i know, i know, there's no morrissey news at the moment, although i'd love ot hear some) what's your favorite smiths song to listen to while eating salad? i'd have to say mine would be... hm... "half a person".

in a more directly smiths-related vein, i have a little webpage where i put up a smiths comic i drew. it's my amateur effort, particularly where the html-ing is concerned, but do go give it a glance if you're bored. the address is, and you have to actually type it into your browser, as linking to geocities from here doesn't work.

have a glorious day, all.
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